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 Nathan Huner ~ Son of Hecate

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PostSubject: Nathan Huner ~ Son of Hecate   Nathan Huner ~ Son of Hecate Icon_minitimeMon Jul 24, 2017 11:39 pm

Nathan Huner ~ Son of Hecate Colin_11

Name: Nathan Huner
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Michel Huner
God Parent: Hecate
Date of Birth: March 16th, 2001
Place of Birth: Seattle Washington
Hometown/Last Residence: Seattle
Race/ethnicity: Northern Irish
Accent: Irish
Skin Tone: lightly tanned
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Short and kind of shaggy
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125lbs
Body Type: Ectomorph

Appearance: He wears mostly casual clothing, with a light thin hooded jacket over his normally worn t-shirt. Of course, this attire changes based on the season and the weather like the rest of the global population.  Only weird clothing quirk that Nathan has, is that he only wears jeans, unless he is sleeping or swimming. It doesn’t matter what time of year or the weather outside, he only wears jeans.

Weapon: A Stygain Iron Xiphos that can change into the magic summoning circle that Nathan needs to summon monsters, out lined in leather, and back into the sword. (Due to the size of the pendent, it can only be used to summon small monsters)

Armor: Leather armor with Stygain Iron bracers and shin guards. The rest if the leather armor is laced with Stygain Iron, giving it a design of herbs and magical looking spirals. On the breast, there is an engraving of a dragon and a phoenix, locked in combat.

Pet(s): None, he wants a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky mix though

Skills/Talents: Playing the guitar, making non-magical healing balms, drawing, recaching creatures and mythology related subjects, writing, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), seeing people’s emotions though their faces and body language

Flaws: stubborn, bold, smart***, ignorant to most social customs, has a little bit of hubris, secretive
Strengths: Comforting people, listing and understanding people.
Weaknesses: Nathan tends to contend to the wishes of others.
Likes: Books, music, herbs, experimenting with food dishes, herbs, and seasonings.
Dislikes: Rude people, bad quality anything, people bothering him when he doesn’t want to be bothered.
Fears: Falling, be taken advantage of, making someone’s day worse on accident.

Personality: Nathan is a loving, genuine, and kind person. If he sees someone that’s in a sad mood, he does his best to comfort them and brighten their day. Sure, he might a bit stubborn, when it comes to everything that he feels that he should do, it’s usually for the right reasons. He does automatically correct people on information that he knows for sure that’s wrong, much to the rest of society’s annoyance. The worst thing about him is that he doesn’t get or understand most of the slang and newer social customs of the newer demographic.
Abilities: Can talk to dogs, polecats, monsters, and the dead. Can see through the most clearly. Can identify herbs and their uses at a glance.
When Nathen is asleep, he can choose to separate his soul from his body for the night, allowing him to wander where ever he feels, while allowing his body to rest. He can be contacted in this state, by someone who is also a child of Hecate, or by any child of an underworld god, they don’t need to have the powers to contact him. They only need to be a child of an underworld god. While in this state, Nathen cannot be woken, unless he reenters his body. His soul cannot affect anything while it is like this. The soul is returned to his body when dawn hits, no matter where his soul is. ***** Will change into a power if necessary

Creature Summoning: Nathan can summon monsters from Tartarus. He can summon 1 large monster (bigger than a human), or 2 medium monsters (human sized), or 3 small monsters (smaller than humans) and dismiss them one per topic. When summoned they are under Nathan’s control. In order to summon a monster, Nathan needs a special summoning circle made of or imprinted on organic material. (If Nathan uses a medium monster summoning, he can choose to summon one monster, then wait for 5 posts before he can summon again, he can only summon one other medium monster) (If Nathan uses a small monster summoning, he can choose to summon one monster at a time, but he must wait for 3 posts before he can summon again until he has summoned 3 small monsters)

Power notes: If Nathan uses a creature summon, he can’t use the dead summoning, and vice versa, for that topic.

Dead Summoning: Nathan can call up to 5 skeletons or zombies, he can only do this twice per topic, with a 3-post cool down between each use.
Mist forms: Nathan can create mist forms of objects and living creatures that are no bigger than 1 cubic meter, he can hold them for 3 posts with 6 posts cool down.
Mist manipulation: Nathan can change what object appear by use of the Mist. He can only change the looks of an object that are no bigger than 2 cubic meters.
Fire: Nathan can blast fire from his hands, they are a bright blue in color and are slightly hotter than a normal bonfire, he can hold it for 2 posts with a 4-post cooldown.
Lighting: Nathan can throw a bolt of lightning that is 150 volts and 200 amps, he can only do this for 1 post with a 4-post cooldown.
Air: Nathan can use the air move objects up to 25 pounds, he can do this for 3 posts with a 3-post cooldown.
Shield: Nathan can make a transparent shield that can take up to 25 pounds of force, he can hold it for 4 posts with a cool down of 4 posts.
Earth: Nathan can shake the earth violently enough to knock over a horse, for an area of 30 feet around him, he can do this for 2 posts with a 4-post cooldown.
Water: Nathan can control up to 30 gallons of water, he can do this for 3 posts with a 3-post cooldown.

Social Status: The Nice Loner
Summer or Year Rounder: Year Rounder
Years at Camp: 2

Life Before Camp: Nathan has had as normal a life before he went to Camp Half-Blood. Nathan has always wanted to visit the US and has been saving money to buy a plane ticket to New York city. A week before he turned 13, he had saved enough money to buy two plane tickets to New York. His dad scheduled 2 weeks off work, from the day before Nathan’s birthday too, of course, two weeks after. So, they left Northern Ireland on the day before Nathan’s birthday. They landed in New York the morning of Nathan’s birthday and made their way as fast as they could to their hotel. Michel, Nathan’s dad, is a special mortal and can see through the mist. On the way to their hotel, Nathan and his father were ambushed by 5 Empusa, Michel and Nathan ran through the city, towards Camp Half-Blood (unknowingly) They made it all the way to the forests outside the camp, by now night had fallen, where Michel forced Nathan to run on into the forest while he held off the monsters. Once Nathan ran into the borders of the camp, he turned around to see if his father was still there. He turned just in time, to see his father killed, he was run through with their claws and burned. The Empusa left knowing that they couldn’t get Nathan as he went into the camp's borders. Nathan passed out right there, under Thalia's tree, from both shock and exhaustion. He has been living and been taken care of at the camp ever since.

Role-playing Example: Nathan fell to his knees, he couldn’t feel anything. Not the pain, the tiredness, nor the thirst after exerting that much effort to run away from those demons. He looked on after the flaming head demons. Their limbs were miss matched, a leg of a donkey here, copper colored metal artificial limbs there. They looked like something Frankenstein would make in his experiments. They had just run their arms through his father’s chest, then burned his body. His bones even fell away to ashes. He was in shock. He had just witnessed his father die in front of him, and he couldn’t do anything to help him. To add insult to injury, those creatures just waltzed away, like it was nothing but a day’s work for them. No reaction to ending a man’s life, no guilt to be seen on their faces. After what felt like an eternity to Nathen, the first sensation to return to his was his touch. He could feel the silent tears running down his face, he had no energy to do anything. He couldn’t sob or move a limb. All he could do was stare on, into the soundless and colorless memory of his father being killed. He just sat there in horror and sorrow, this wasn’t the plan at all. He was just here to visit New York, just something he had wanted to do for his birthday. Before his father sent him off here, under this tree with something lying about it, he had given Nathan a package, from its weight and shape he could tell it was a book, about what, he didn’t know.
Nathen fell backward, still clutching the package to his chest, the only thing of his father’s he could hold on too now. He laid against a tree, which during this night, seemed sad and mournful. Eventually, Nathen felt his consciousness start to fade. He couldn’t fight it, there wasn’t even an ounce of energy left in his body, there wasn’t even a glimmer of emotion in his mind. So, he drifted away, into the longest, and dreamless sleep of his life.
Notes: Nathan has a book of creatures and monsters from Greek and Roman mythology.
Face Claim is Colin Morgan
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Nathan Huner ~ Son of Hecate
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